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Bye Bye Acne, Hello Skincare Products that Work

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Where do I even begin...

I started to get acne when I was a teenager and would use those harsh products that dry out my skin. Of course, at the time I thought that is what need to happen but really you want to moisturize and nurture your skin.

As a teenager, I had acne on the forehead of my face, back acne & eventually chest acne. Honestly, the chest acne was the last straw for me as it was easy to hide my back acne but not the chest. So, that was one of the reasons I went on hormonal birth control (the pill). And I guess you could say I was one of the lucky ones that the pill worked and got rid of all my acne.

The problem was that I still did not learn HOW to properly take care of skin & implement a skincare routine that would nourish my skin over the next years.

Fast forward 6-8 years later my acne was slowly coming back even though I was still on the pill. So, I decided since the pill wasn't helping my acne I was going to come off of it. And unfortunately for me, my acne got worse, I got the back & chest acne back.

At this point in my life, I was really into natural health care products so my skincare & make-up were all "natural" and "clean" beauty. 😳 Little did I know that the products were filled with pore-clogging ingredients & not well formulated. 😬

So what happened...

My skin got so inflamed with everything I was using on my face that my eyes would get puffy & swell. Plus, skin and acne were just red and angry. It was to the point that I could not wear any make-up which was so hard for me as my skin didn't look great.

This was when I found a skincare coach that was an expert on how to take care of your skin & what make-up to use that is fell formulated. I am thankful every day for having found her YouTube channel & having been able to learn from her. She saved my skin & with trial and error I was able to clear my skin.

Unfortunately, after this picture was taken in June my skin started to get inflamed again in August 2020 😭

This is why you don't want to start sneaking in other products once your skincare routine is showing your results.

Scares are healing & only get the occasional pimple now.
December 2, 2021 Update

In my YouTube video, I share the skincare products I use & that work for me. I do change the acids I use depending on the season (aka winter I'll use fewer acids because it is drier & my skin needs more moisturization).

Important Information

If you have oily, combination, or dry skin these recommendations are all for you! You don’t want to be shopping for the “type” of skin you have. You have to work with your skin and all skin types love to feel hydrated and nourished.

Olena Beley (

She is your go-to for skincare information.

She has an IG page and YouTube channel with plenty of free information.

Pore clogging ingredient list: click here for the list Clearstem Skincare Company

  • I have tried out their skincare line & love what they are doing as a company but for some reason, my skin does not like their products & would keep breaking out. Once I removed them from my facial skincare routine my skin was happier plus the products are more expensive.

  • I do use their Gentleclean as a body wash & Softskin Body Lotion. I use the lotion specifically on my upper back & chest which my skin has been loving & has resulted in my back & chest acne clearing up.

  • I have also purchased their Sunnyside sunscreen which I am excited to try in the summer months. (I'll update this blog on his I like it or not)




  • TO Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

  • TO Natural Moisturizer (the one I, my husband, mother & brother uses)

  • Sensibio Light

    • other moisturizing option if you find the TO moisturizing too hydrating

  • Sensibio Rich Cream (I use this one in the winter months & use it as the 4th step moisturizing step)


  • PC SPF 30 (tinted mineral-based formula)

TO = The Ordinary

PC = Paula's Choice

Acid Options

AHA types: Glycolic Acid (smallest molecule), Lactic Acid, Mandelic Acid

  • 10% or less 1-3x week max

BHA types: Salicylic Acid, Beta-Lipohydroxy acid (LHA)

  • 0.5%-2% 1x day depending on your skin’s tolerance (maybe 2-3x a week)

PHA (Polyhydroxy Acids): more gentile than AHAs and have strong moisturizing and humectant properties eg. Gluconolacctone, galactose, and lactobionic.

**remember to do your own research on acids before using them. Always read the product website on how to use it. You can destroy your skin if you don't learn how to use them properly or consult a skincare expert.

Where to buy if you live in Canada

  • Buy The Ordinary products off of

  • Buy Biodermia Products from your local Shoppers

    • I find that they are relatively the same price on Amazon but at Shoppers, they often go on sale & you get great point benefits there

    • I can't find the Sensibio Rich Cream in Shoppers so I do order this one on Amazon

  • Buy Paula's Choice directly off of their US Website

    • I have a subscription for their sunscreen, plus saves me money

Disclaimer: I am not a skincare expert, this blog is meant to educate you & hopefully prevent you from making the same mistakes I have made.

None of the links above are affiliate links.



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