Want to be performing at your peak

by getting fit + eating real food & managing stress?

Imagine If...

... you are able to maintain your energy, strength, and endurance throughout the work day...

... you are able to prevent and decrease your changes of disease that comes with the job...

... you are able to loss the stubborn body fat...

... you are able to transition from work brain to home brain better...

... you can come home in a calm and relaxed state to your family, and not be on edge...

... all without wasting time and money on diets and supplements that don't work

Here's where most firefighters go wrong to get results:

Cookie-cutter programs are not designed for firefighters who work a physical job, are on shift work, and have unpredictable work hours.

They work a high stress job that requires them to be laser-focused, which can eventually result in them crashing and burning out.

They're missing structure and accountability from someone who understands what their life looks like.

Eventually, they feel guilty for where their health has regressed to, as they are constantly taking care of their work and home family.

Nutrition, fitness, and health can be confusing. And knowing that they could feel better, stronger, and more energized if they only knew what to do... is soul-crushing!


Good news is: It DOES NOT have to be this way!

Hey I'm Rani

I am an integrative health practitioner and personal trainer. My husband Ben is firefighter and personal trainer, he works along side me on perfecting the health coaching plans. Together we make a great team helping firefighters perform at their peak from getting their job right through to retirement.⁣

We know how it feels to feel run down physically and mentally. We have both struggled to get out of bed, feel energized and be motivated. Little did we know the food and supplements we were taking did not fuel and support our body. Once we personalized our nutrition, exercise, and supplement plan did everything finally come together. It can be hard to navigate the confusing world of nutrition and knowing what will support your body long term. Optimizing our personal lifestyle plan not only improved our performance at work, but also strengthened our relationship.⁣

So, we set off on a mission to learn everything we could about firefighters health in an effort to help men and women perform at their peak by getting fit, eating real food and managing stress.⁣

In our search to master everything about our own health, we were able to get our bodies healthy and now we can function at top performance at our jobs.⁣

We are here to support all firefighters with their fitness, health, and wellness.⁣

Welcome to Rani's Virtual Integrative Health Practice

I help my firefighter clients be Fit to Respond by improving all aspects of their health.


This means I take my years of experience (both my personal fight for wellness and my years of professional training) and provide personalized coaching and wellness plans that include diet plans, recipes, exercise programs, Functional Medicine detoxes, costumized nutrition supplement recommendations, seasonal lifestyle habit changes, weekly progress report check-ins, preferred scheduling, and much more.


This program is a minimum of 3 months to work with Rani.

  • Session 1: 60 minute follow up consultation via Zoom

  • Health history intake

  • Education on how you got here and how to heal

  • Equilibrium Nutrition at-home lab test recommendations

  • Initial nutrition, health and lifestyle recommendations

  • Session 2: 60 minute follow up consultation via Zoom

  • Review of your at-home lab test results

  • Explanation of results including any root cause imbalances

  • Design of your Fit to Respond (FTR) Plan based on your results and bio-individuality.


  • Session 3 and 4: 2 x 20-30 minute follow-up consultation via Zoom

  • Any updates to your Fit to Respond (FTR) Plan

  • Additional personalized resources provided based on your unique needs

  • Next Steps for your health journey

After the initial 3-months, you and I will decide how often you'd like to meet for ongoing support.

Book a free discovery call with me to see if we are a good fit and what plan works for you.

Includes all consultations and ongoing support for those 12 weeks.

This package does not include the cost of labs, nutritional supplements, foods, or any other product recommended in your Fit to Respond Plan. However, you will receive special preferred pricing on labs.

Basic Package


  • All consultations 

  • Ongoing support for those 12 weeks,

  • 2 Functional Medicine Labs 

Note: The VIP package does not include the shipping and duty charges of the labs. Plus, does not include cost nutritional supplements, foods, or any other product recommended in your Fit to Respond Plan.

Get Results Package


  • All consultations 

  • Ongoing support for those 12 weeks

  • Weekly progress report check-ins

  • 21-day Detox 

  • 5 Functional Medicine Labs 

  • Additional 30-min follow-up consultation

Note: The VIP package does not include the shipping and duty charges of the labs & detox. Plus, does not include cost nutritional supplements, foods, or any other product recommended in your Fit to Respond Plan.

VIP Executive Package


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