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Hormone Weight-loss Solution

To shed stubborn fat, tone up, become confident in your body and build a healthy + sustainable lifestyle... all without counting calories + messing up your period, hormones, and future fertility!


Is this you?

  • You're not seeing results in your health and body, yet you're counting calories and have tried every diet from celery juice to keto.

  • You feel drained, tired, and frustrated from having tried a bunch of other plans that are not working for you, or they worked, but then you gained all the weight back.

  • You eat "healthy" all day long, but when 7 PM rolls around, you want to eat the entire fridge.

  • You have insatiable cravings that make you binge, leaving you feeling guilty.

  • You look at a cookie and seem to gain 5lbs.

  • You want the answers on how you can finally lose fat and maintain your results...

The good news is it DOES NOT have to be this way!

Imagine If...

... you feel sexy in your skin and confident in your clothes

... you could put on any crop top, dress, or pair of jeans out of your closet and ROCK IT

... you're able to shed stubborn fat while eating 2,000+ calories a DAY

... your hormones are balanced, and your metabolism is a fat burning MACHINE

... you're slimming down & toning up without counting calories and doing excessive workouts

... you have energy that lasts ALL DAY long without afternoon naps or excess caffeine

... you've MASTERED a lifestyle that is now on autopilot, and you feel confident in maintaining your results for LIFE

... you feel CONNECTED to your natural hunger cues, in CONTROL of your cravings, and BALANCED in your nutrition


What's in it for you?

  • 5 video modules of educational content

  • Nutrition & exercise plan to help you achieve your goals over the next 3-4 months

  • Learn the proper way to combine carbs, fats and protein for hormone balance and weight loss

  • Learn which supplements have proven to promote hormone and weight loss health for women

  • Ease of learning from the comfort of your own home 

  • Ease of learning on your schedule

  • Downloadable PDF & resource guides: meal plans, shopping list, exercise resources, etc.

Meet Your Coach & Teacher

Hi! I'm Rani, a Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritionist and Integrative Health Practitioner. I know how it feels to be stuck and alone with your health. I was a woman struggling to pull herself out of bed every morning, feeling unmotivated and unhappy with my muscle loss & strength.


In my 20s I got lost in what to do to maintain my health and fitness. As a teenager, I was an athlete: horseback riding daily & a competitive downhill skier. Then when I stopped all the sports to go to university I lost my fitness and health.


I gained weight and lost a lot of muscle. After 2 years of seeing what a fully sedentary lifestyle did to my body, I decided to take action and learn how to work out & eat enough nutrient-dense foods to fuel my body. I was amazed to learn how much food my body actually needed to thrive. The more food I ate the stronger and leaner I got.

I am on a mission to teach women that fat loss is easy when you know how to nourish your body with the right foods and exercise plan. It's time we stop undereating and over-exercising to get short-term results. We need to work with our hormones & metabolism to get lean & tone.


When your body becomes a healthy body weight you will experience better periods, hormones, and fertility health.

So, I put together a proven plan to teach my method that has allowed my clients to get lean, strong, and lose fat so they can have perfect periods and hormones — by integrating all areas of holistic health.


This IS for you if...

... you're sick of fad, yo-yo diets and want something sustainable


... you're READY to make your nutrition and fitness a priority


... you want a fully customizable approach backed by real science and data


... you are ready to create habits & routines that work with your busy lifestyle

... you are trying to lose weight without having to track calories

... you are ready to learn and take action


... you want a done-for-you strategy

This is NOT for you if...

... you're looking for a cookie-cutter meal plan,

workout guide or another quick fix


... you are not willing to cook or prepare any of your meals


... you are not ready to give up your excuses and put in the work needed for results


... you are not coachable or do not take personal responsibility for your success


... you are in recovery for or currently have an eating disorder


... you are comfortable with your situation and do not mind if it stays the same

... you are pregnant or breastfeeding

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Hormone Weight-loss Solution



 + complimentary 30-min consultation (value of $100+)

next round of enrolment only

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