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Natural Fertility Method

BECOME a woman who is in-love with her period again & doesn't need to worry about her future fertility.

Does this sound familiar...

  • You're told that you're lucky you don't have a period, but deep down you know it's not right.

  • You cry and wish the PMS, period, and hormone problems would go away.

  • Maybe you've seen specialist, but you still haven't really been given answers or solutions to the questions you've been asking.

  • You're trying different things & feel like you're doing everything right; eating right  taking supplements, and exercising, but your periods still aren't regular.

  • Hey, maybe you've got a few years, or you feel your biological clock is starting to tick and your future fertility sometimes crosses your mind.

  • Your partner has maybe made a comment or two about your lack of libido.


  • Maybe you've been told to go on hormonal birth control to fix your period problems, but it doesn't feel right to you.

  • You're pulling yourself out of bed in the morning & grabbing that afternoon coffee to keep yourself going.

  • You push through the period cramps and back pain by popping pain killers.

  • You're sick of the bloating, constipation and acne breakouts that keep happening during your cycle.

  • Not knowing when your period will come is stressing you out... "am I pregnant?!"

I get it! It's left you feeling overwhelmed, tired, and unsure of what to do next!

The good news is it DOES NOT have to be this way!

We've all heard that periods aren't suppose to be fun...

And that just isn't true! Society has convinced us that having irregular periods, painful periods, PMS, bloating, fatigue, and moodiness are "normal".


Yet, Mother Nature didn't intend for you to suffer physical and emotional pain every month.

While some light cramping can be normal, being curled up in a ball and unable to do anything is not.

It's estimated that you will have 450 periods in your lifetime. That's 450 chances for you get the emotional and physical benefits of each bleed.

Natural Fertility Method teaches you how easy a period get to be!

Be one of the woman who LOVES her period and uses her period for information about her fertility health.

Let me remind you: your period is a sign of optimal fertility.

DSC_0388 (1).jpeg

Is This You?

  • You want to have perfect periods and be in sync with your cycle.

  • You want your libido back so you can feel alive with sexual energy and desire.

  • You want to learn how to support your body while you are on hormonal birth control.

  • You want to come off of hormonal birth control without all the adverse side effects.

  • You want to support your body while going through medical treatments.

  • You want to gain back the control of your health and fertility.

  • You want to optimize your period and fertility health, so you can have a healthy baby down the line without problems, complications or heart break.

If any of the statements above describe YOU...
Natural Fertility Method is the perfect solution for you!

Imagine If...

... you're ACTUALLY in love with your period - you look forward to your self-care, period date nights where you get to cuddle up with some wine & netflix together...


... you love every phase of your cycle and harness the power of your cycle; it fuels your energy, sex drive, and passion...

... you don't need to cancel your plans due to the cramps, back pain, bloating and mood swings...

… you know your body's signs and signals so you can adjust diet/supplements when needed to support your hormones...

... you have wild orgasms and a sex life worth bragging about…

... you have healthy ovulations so you know when to avoid pregnancy, and when to try for conception...

... you can rest easy knowing that your body is perfectly healthy and can create a healthy baby down the line


... without dreading your period

Your transformation to having perfect periods, balanced hormones, and optimize your future fertility.

This is a proven, life-changing program that will improve how you live as a woman. Inside NFM you will learn what every woman should know about getting back her period, understanding the power of her cycle, and rebalancing her hormones to have optimal future fertility health!

We live in a society where it is considered "normal" to have irregular periods, painful period, PMS, bloating, fatigue, moodiness, etc.

What if we LOVE our period and cycle?

The Natural Fertility Method is your blueprint to learn how to read and understand your period, cycle, and body. Get rid of the symptoms and get reconnected with your body!

Meet Your Coach

Hi! I'm Rani, a Certified Nutritionist and Integrative Health Practitioner. I founded the Natural Fertility Method for one simple reason: I know how it feels to feel stuck and alone with your health. I was a woman struggling to pull herself out of bed every morning, having irregular periods, painful cramps and having no sex drive.


I was doing all the right things, eating healthy, exercising, and taking my supplements. Little did I know that my stressful environment and medications were hijacking my life. I quickly learned that in order for my healthy lifestyle to work, I needed to find the root cause to my problems and stop putting bandaids over them. So, unless you know how to WORK ON THE ROOT CAUSE, it’s not possible to experience the changes you deserve.


On my journey to getting my period and fertility back I saw multiple practitioners that made me feel like all my symptoms were in my head. It wasn't until I found the root cause to my health problems that was able to heal myself. I got my energy, libido, and period back, so when I want to start a family, I can!

This is why I set off on a mission to learn everything I could about women’s fertility and hormonal health in an effort to go help women perfect their period and hormones, so they can have optimal future fertility.

So, I put together a proven program to teach my method that has allowed my clients and I to get our period and hormonal health back — by integrating all areas of holistic health. That is how the Natural Fertility Method was born! No BS and no more guessing!


Ready to hear how amazing the NFM is?

This is NOT a group program where you will have to worry about little access to me. 

The Natural Fertility Method is a 90-day, 1-on-1 high touch coaching program that gives you support to help you achieve and improve all aspects of your period and fertility health.

Here's what you're getting:

  • A private coach

  • ​A Personalized Fertility Plan

  • 8 weeks of detailed curriculum (going through the 5 NFM modules)

  • Weekly training videos for any additional information required

  • 2 1-hour Coaching Calls; Initial Health Assessment Call & Lab Review Call

  • 10 Weekly Check-in Calls (30-min)

  • Monday - Friday Voxer Support during Business Hours

  • 2 Functional Medicine at-home Lab Tests

How it Works

When you sign up to work with me, we'll start off with a 1-on-1 call to talk about your health history and period/fertility goals.​ You'll be educated on how you got here and uncover the ROOT CAUSE to your period and fertility problems. 


From there, we will develop a customized plan to move you through the following steps:

MODULE 1: Hormonal Deep Dive

MODULE 2: Food to Nourish Fertility

MODULE 3: Healthy Home + Lifestyle

MODULE 4: Stress Less & Love More

MODULE 5: The Relapse Prevention Blueprint

While you move through the 5 modules you will learn how to rebalance your body to achieve optimal health. You'll also receive exercises every week to start taking action towards these changes and on your weekly check-in calls we will go over any questions and blocks your many be hitting along the way.

Around week 6 of NFM you will have your second 60-min call to go over your lab results and I'll explain how your results are connected to your period and hormonal imbalances. You'll be given a bio-individual plan that will help you rebalance your body, so you can have perfect periods and hormones.

After you have moved through the 5 modules over the course of 8 weeks you will have an extra 2 weeks to catch up or go over anything you to review and get clarification on.


  • You’ll be given proven systems & structure to accomplish your goals every single week.

  • You’ll be getting state-of-the-art functional medicine labs to help personalize your health goals.

  • You'll learn how to rebalance your body for optimal health and fertility so you can gain energy, increase libido and have perfect periods.

  • ​You get 1-on-1 support with LIVE interactions 1x per week, as well as unlimited daily support.

  • ​You’ll learn how to overcome your challenges and meet your goals.

  • Inside the NFM I care deeply about not only your results, but your mental, emotional, and physical well-being while you're in the program and beyond.

  • What makes NFM different is that I truly know and understand where you are coming from.

Time to become a woman who LOVES her period...

...and harnesses the power of her cycle.

Be the woman that is full of energy, has wild orgasms, and knows what her body needs.

You've already tried things and not seen success, but NOW is time to really make it work by working with your hormones and not against them!

Join the waitlist now! So you'll be the first to know when enrolment opens and to get the BONUS!


Joining the waitlist is not a commitment, just an invitation for us to chat! 


Make 2021 the year your perfect your period and optimize your fertility health!

Let's make our period health our priority... you ready?

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