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EmpowerHer Birth Control Course

The ultimate user's guide for the female wanting to make informed birth control decisions and know what ALL her options are in preventing pregnancy. This self-paced course is designed to provide you with education about birth control (hormonal and non-hormonal options), birth control-related side effects, and how to manage symptoms of post-birth control syndrome (PBCS). After this course, you will know how to support your body on hormonal birth control and how to come off birth control when you are ready safely!

Is This You?

  • Your hormonal birth control has made you put on weight, look puffy, be moody, have anxiety and depression.

  • You want your libido back so you can feel alive with sexual energy and desire.

  • You want to understand how birth control works.

  • You want to be able to make an informed decision about what birth control method is best for you.

  • You want to learn how to maintain your health while you are on hormonal birth control without having fatigue, low libido, bloating, gas, hair loss and risks that come with it.

  • You've considered coming off hormonal birth control, but you want to do it without the side effects.

  • Want to come off your hormonal birth control without your period problems coming back.

  • Worried that the hormonal birth control that you are on will negatively affect your chance of conception when you’re ready?

If any of the statements above describe YOU...
EmpowerHer Birth Control Course is the perfect solution for you!

While birth control is commonly associated with pregnancy prevention, many women also use it for various
non-contraceptive reasons:

  • 31% use the pill to reduce cramps or menstrual pain

  • 28% for menstrual regulation (including PCOS, to help prevent migraines & other "side effects" of menstruation)

  • 14% for acne treatment

  • 4% for endometriosis treatment


However, relying solely on birth control for these purposes doesn't address the underlying issues with your menstrual cycle and hormone balance. While it may temporarily suppress symptoms, it doesn't resolve the root causes. When you eventually decide to come off birth control, whether to conceive or for other reasons, those symptoms often resurface, sometimes even exacerbated.

It's essential to recognize that using birth control for symptom management is akin to applying a band-aid; it merely masks the issues temporarily. Empowering yourself with the knowledge of how to prevent pregnancy while addressing the root causes of your menstrual and hormonal imbalances is crucial for preserving your future fertility and overall well-being.

Meet your Teacher


Hi! I'm Rani, a Certified Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Integrative Health Practitioner. I know how it feels to be stuck and alone with your health. I was a woman struggling to pull herself out of bed every morning, having irregular periods, painful cramps and no sex drive.

I was doing all the right things, eating healthy, exercising, and taking my supplements. But, little did I know that my stressful environment and birth control were hijacking my life. I quickly learned that unless you know how to WORK ON THE ROOT CAUSE, it's impossible to experience the changes you deserve.

I was on 3 different hormonal birth control pills for 7 years and 1 year on the hormonal IUD. I've had the chance to feel great on some of the birth controls, and I've gotten to experience the side effects of going on the pill and IUD. On my journey, I learned everything I could about my birth control options. I got upset that no one ever told me about all the possible side effects and that I wasn't taught about using the Fertility Awareness Method as a form of birth control. Eventually, I implemented the right health plan so that I could come off hormonal birth control smoothly without irregular periods & painful cramps. I got my energy, libido, and period back so that when I wanted to start a family, I could!

This is why I set off on a mission to learn about women's fertility and hormonal health to help women perfect their periods and hormones to have optimal future fertility.


EmpowerHer Birth Control

Here's what you're getting:

  • 4-hours of video and audio content

  • A clearly outlined PDF package

  • 6 Lessons

    • The History & Industry​

    • The Truth about Hormonal Contraceptives

    • Your Birth Control Options

    • Fertility Awareness Method

    • Supporting your body while on Birth Control

    • How to come off of Birth Control


EmpowerHer Birth Control

$227 CAD

Currently 20% OFF - Early Bird SALE

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