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1:1 Private Coaching

Get all the tools, support and accountability you need to perfect your period & hormones to have optimal future fertility.

Limited spots are available per month!


Does this sound familiar...

  • You desperately wish your PMS, period, and hormone problems would go away.

  • Your concerns & symptoms keep being dismissed but you know something is off?

  • Maybe you've seen a specialist, but you still haven't gotten the answers or solutions to the questions you've been asking.

  • You're trying different things & feel like you're doing everything right; eating right, taking supplements, and exercising, but you're still having energy and hormonal problems.

  • You've spent tons of time-consuming all the info but want help determining the best course of action to get you feeling better asap?

  • You know that you might want a family someday and care about your future fertility.

  • Your partner has maybe made a comment or two about your lack of libido.


  • You're pulling yourself out of bed in the morning & grabbing that afternoon coffee to keep yourself going.

  • You push through the period cramps and pain by popping pain killers.

  • You're sick of the bloating, constipation and acne breakouts that keep happening during your cycle.

  • You're sick of bouncing around from plan to plan but don’t feel like you’ve landed on what actually works for your body?

  • You're sick of wasting time not feeling and living the way you want.

I get it! It's left you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, tired, and unsure of what to do next! 

The good news is it DOES NOT have to be this way!

Imagine offloading that responsibility onto a trained expert. You just let out a small sigh of relief imagining, didn’t you?

If you’re looking to partner with a virtual health consultant that is expertly trained, compassionate and is as committed to your results as you are …

then you're in the right place!

As a 1-on-1 client, we will work together to determine the ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms and develop a personalized dietary, exercise, lifestyle and targeted supplement plan to get you feeling great (finally).

The results? Feeling your best and living a life full of energy and happiness.

You’ll learn exactly what’s been contributing to your lingering period, hormone or fertility problems.

You’ll learn exactly how to nourish, move and support your body so that you are no longer burdened with the symptoms that have been getting in the way of enjoying life.

No more second-guessing your nutrition and exercise strategy.

You’ll be confident in executing exactly what your body needs to function optimally, for hormonal health and future fertility.

Your health is up to you. Let’s put you in the driver’s seat with the tools you need.


What's in it for you?

If you choose to work with me, here's what you get:

  • 3-months of intensive coaching

  • An in-depth 75-minute initial consult to paint the big picture of your health story.

  • A complementary (FREE) Complete Minerals & Metals Lab Teat (value $299)

  • The essential supplements required for your needs (multivitamins + more; for 3-months)

  • Access to at-home functional medicine lab testing to pinpoint your root cause and eliminate guesswork.

  • A custom, proven strategy to use food, exercise, lifestyle and targeted supplements to optimize your period and hormone health.

  • A 60-minute & two 40-minute follow-up appointments to check in on progress, provide tools and accountability and make adjustments to your plan for continued results.

  • Unlimited Monday - Friday Voxer voice & messaging support (you’re not on this journey alone).

Meet Your Coach

Hi! I'm Rani, a Certified Nutritionist and Integrative Health Practitioner. I know how it feels to be stuck and alone with your health. I was a woman struggling to pull herself out of bed every morning, having irregular periods, painful cramps and no sex drive.


I was doing all the right things, eating healthy, exercising, and taking my supplements. Little did I know that my stressful environment and medications were hijacking my life. I quickly learned that unless you know how to WORK ON THE ROOT CAUSE, it’s not possible to experience the changes you deserve.

On my journey to getting my period and fertility back, I saw multiple practitioners who made me feel like all my symptoms were in my head. While I was looking for ways to heal, I went back to school to become a certified practitioner. Eventually, I got sick of guessing and did functional medicine lab testing. This was when I saw my symptoms weren't in my head, and I was able to get my life back. I got my energy, libido, and period back, so when I wanted to start a family, I could!

This is why I set off on a mission to learn about women’s fertility and hormonal health in an effort to help women perfect their periods and hormones so that they can have optimal future fertility.

So, I put together a proven program to teach my method that has allowed my clients to get their period and hormonal health back — by integrating all areas of holistic health.


I Specialize In:

Hormonal Imbalances:

  • PMS

  • PCOS

  • Endometriosis

  • Amenorrhea

  • Libido

  • Energy/Adrenal dysfunction (fatigue)

  • Infertility (& IVF support)

  • Thyroid problems

  • Weight-gain or weight-loss (metabolic health)

  • etc.

Digestive Imbalances:

  • IBS

  • SIBO

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • Recurrent symptoms like reflux, bloating, gas, indigestion & bowel changes

*Note: Rani De Caluwe is a natural health practitioner and does not diagnose, cure, or treat any illness or disease. She works on rebalancing the body to a state of health and can not guarantee to increase your chance of pregnancy.


Ready to get Started?

If this sounds like the partnership, support and guidance you are looking for, I’d love to connect!

Your next step is to fill out the inquiry form & schedule a 20-min call at your convenience. This is a 20-minute clarity call in which we will get to know each other, I’ll learn more about your case and goals, you’ll learn more about my approach and services and I’ll gather the information I need to make my best recommendation for you.

Together, we will determine what course of action makes the most sense and gets you moving toward your goals the fastest. Even if we determine that we aren’t a good fit, I’ll point you in the direction of another professional that I think would be a great match. By the end of the call, you’ll know what you need to do to get moving toward your best life.

Taking action toward your goals is a big deal. If you’ve made it this far know that I am super proud of you and would be honoured to partner with you on this journey.

Can’t wait to chat!


1:1 Coaching Investment

Investment is CAD $597/month

  • This package will include supplements &
    a complementary lab test based on your requirements

  • Payment options:

    • 3 equal payments of $597 or Pay in Full $1,791

+ Appropriate sales tax for Canadian-based clientele

Time to become a woman who LOVES her period...

...and harnesses the power of her cycle.

Be the woman that is full of energy, has wild orgasms, and knows what her body needs.

You've already tried things and not seen success, NOW is the time to really make it work by working with your hormones and not against them!

Apply to be a 1:1 Client now!

Applying is not a commitment, just an invitation for us to chat!

Make this the year you thrive by having perfect periods & hormones to optimize your future fertility!

Let's make your period health your priority... you ready?

Not quite prepared for the 3-month investment? No problem! If you're searching for support but prefer a gradual approach, consider exploring whether the Hormone Health Audit aligns perfectly with your needs. Also, don't forget to schedule a complimentary 20-minute Consultation—a fantastic opportunity to discuss your situation and explore your options.

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