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What is an Integrative Health Practitioner & Certified Holistic Nutritionist?

Holistic Nutritionist / Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP)

As a holistic nutritionist, I help clients use food and natural health products to rebalance the body back into harmony. This is based on the principle that everything is connected in some way that's why as a holistic nutritionist I look at the client as a “whole” person (mind, body, and soul) as opposed to curing isolated symptoms.

Holistic nutrition requires a whole-life approach—when and where you eat, where your food comes from, and what your food ate.

Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP2) / Health Coach

As an IHP I take the best of the 7 disciplines of medicine & integrate them into 1 in order to find the ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms and rebalance the body for good! 🙌⁣

Let’s take a deeper look at how these 7 disciplines can support YOU!⁣

1. Orthomolecular Medicine⁣

  • “The science of vitamins and minerals as medicine”⁣

  • Understanding your body’s deficiencies in a “dis-ease” state⁣

  • The ability to alleviate your suffering while working on underlying root causes⁣

  • Used to avoid pharmaceuticals in non-life-threatening situations⁣

2. Ayurvedic Medicine⁣

  • Creating custom bio-individualized plans according to your body type or dosha⁣

  • Vata (Ectomorph)⁣, Pitta (Mesomorph)⁣ & Kapha (Endomorph)⁣

  • Knowing your body type will allow us to implement a nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle plan that truly works for you.

3. Functional Medicine⁣

  • Healing at a functional - not “dis-ease” level⁣

  • Using functional medicine lab testing to identify the underlying ROOT CAUSES of what is holding you back from having better periods, hormonal balance, and optimal fertility.

4. Traditional Chinese Medicine & Herbalism⁣

  • Using the power of herbs & energy practice to enhance overall wellness⁣

  • Opening chi/prana energy pathways⁣

  • Balancing your body⁣

5. Traditional Naturopathy⁣

  • Used to understand the basics of how your body gets sick and how it gets well again⁣

  • Techniques used: Fasting, sauna, coffee enemas, forest bathing, massage⁣, grounding

6. Bioregulatory Medicine⁣

  • The science of self-healing⁣

  • Creating bio individualized assessments ⁣

  • Creating bio individualized protocols and plans⁣

7. Eastern Philosophy⁣

  • Using the mind to heal your body⁣

  • Understanding how emotions, emotional trauma & mindset play a role in healing your body⁣

  • Trapped & stored emotions inside your body can manifest into the symptoms you are currently expressing⁣

“As an IHP Coach, I am a part of a greater community dedicated to serving those in need. I help people get well, lose weight, and finally feel alive again. I do not suppress symptoms, but rather heal the whole person using a truly integrative approach to natural health.”⁣

Are you ready to take your power back & heal your body + hormones for good?

Send me an email, IG message or check out my services to learn more about how I can support you on your hormone and health journey.

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