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What is an Integrative Health Practitioner & Certified Holistic Nutritionist?

Updated: Apr 22

Holistic Nutritionist / Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP)

As a holistic nutritionist, I help clients use food and natural health products to restore the body to harmony. This is based on the principle that everything is somehow connected; that's why as a holistic nutritionist, I view the client as a “whole” person (body, mind, and soul) instead of curing isolated symptoms.

Holistic nutrition requires a whole-life approach—when and where you eat, where your food comes from, and what your food ate.

Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP2) / Health Coach

As an IHP, I take the best of the seven disciplines of medicine & integrate them into 1 to find the ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms and rebalance the body for good! 🙌⁣

Let’s look deeper at how these 7 disciplines can support YOU!⁣

1. Orthomolecular Medicine⁣

  • “The science of vitamins and minerals as medicine”⁣

  • Understanding your body’s deficiencies in a “dis-ease” state⁣

  • The ability to alleviate your suffering while working on underlying root causes⁣

  • Used to avoid pharmaceuticals in non-life-threatening situations⁣

2. Ayurvedic Medicine⁣

  • Creating custom bio-individualized plans according to your body type or dosha⁣

  • Vata (Ectomorph)⁣, Pitta (Mesomorph)⁣ & Kapha (Endomorph)⁣

  • Knowing your body type will allow us to implement a nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle plan that truly works for you.

3. Functional Medicine⁣

  • Healing at a functional - not “dis-ease” level⁣

  • Using functional medicine lab testing to identify the underlying ROOT CAUSES of what is holding you back from having better periods, hormonal balance, and optimal fertility.

4. Traditional Chinese Medicine & Herbalism⁣

  • Using the power of herbs & energy practice to enhance overall wellness⁣

  • Opening chi/prana energy pathways⁣

  • Balancing your body⁣

5. Traditional Naturopathy⁣

  • Used to understand the basics of how your body gets sick and how it gets well again⁣

  • Techniques used: Fasting, sauna, coffee enemas, forest bathing, massage⁣, grounding

6. Bioregulatory Medicine⁣

  • The science of self-healing⁣

  • Creating bio-individualized assessments ⁣

  • Creating bio-individualized protocols and plans⁣

7. Eastern Philosophy⁣

  • Using the mind to heal your body⁣

  • Understanding how emotions, emotional trauma & mindset play a role in healing your body⁣

  • Trapped & stored emotions inside your body can manifest into the symptoms you are currently expressing⁣

As a nutritionist and IHP Coach, I help women perfect their periods and hormones to have optimal future fertility. When we work with our hormones, we get to feel energetic and vibrant again. I do not suppress symptoms but rather heal the whole person using a truly integrative approach to natural health.

Are you ready to take your power back & heal your body + hormones for good?

Fill out the inquiry form to get in touch & I'll be in touch with you!

P.S. I also take inquiries for male clients focusing on male fertility (increasing sperm quality for conception) & rebalancing hormones.

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