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Embracing Your Natural Rhythms: The Power of Cycle Syncing

Have you ever noticed how your energy, confidence, and even your creativity seem to ebb and flow throughout the month? It's not just a coincidence—your hormones play a significant role in shaping how you feel and function each day. That's where cycle syncing comes in, and it's all about optimizing your schedule to align with your natural hormonal rhythms.

Hormones impact everything from your energy levels and confidence to your creativity, communication, motivation, decision-making, and even your sex drive. So why not take advantage of these natural fluctuations and create a schedule that works with you, not against you?

I know it sounds a bit daunting at first—learning to sync your life with your cycle. But trust me, it's worth it! Let me walk you through what this can look like.

Menstruation (Your Period)

This is a time when your energy and confidence are usually at their lowest. You might feel more sensitive and moody, and there's often a strong urge to rest and clear your calendar. It's also a period of increased intuition and introspection.

  • Keep your calendar open when possible: Give yourself the space to rest and recharge.

  • Take personal days and breaks: Listen to your body and allow yourself to slow down.

  • Utilize your introspection: Reflect on whether your work aligns with your "why." Are there goals or ideas you'd like to bring to life?

  • Set intentions for the month: Use this quiet time to plan your next steps.

Follicular Phase (End of Period to Ovulation)

This phase brings good energy, increasing confidence, and a more extroverted vibe. You might notice a slightly lower appetite and a general sense of optimism—your brain is buzzing!

  • New beginnings: This is the perfect time for new projects, big decisions, and problem-solving.

  • GSD (Get Stuff Done) phase: Focus on execution and making things happen.

  • Decision-making: Your clarity is high, so tackle those big decisions now.

  • Social and client-facing events: Schedule networking events and team strategizing sessions.


During ovulation, you might feel most confident and extroverted, with a higher libido and more empathy.

  • Social and client-facing events: Maximize this time for communication-heavy tasks.

  • Strong communication: Schedule big conversations, speaking gigs, presentations, and interviews.

  • Program launches and pitches: Your confidence and clarity are at their peak—take advantage of it!

Luteal Phase (Ovulation to Start of Next Period)

Energy begins to wane, and you might feel less outgoing and confident. There's often an increased appetite and a desire to slow down.

  • Self-reflection and inward work: Focus on personal growth and self-care.

  • Schedule fewer social outings: Prioritize self-care and downtime.

  • Less goal setting: Take a step back and focus on the bigger picture.

  • Focused work: Dive into detail-oriented tasks.

  • Easy meal planning: Plan simpler, nourishing meals to match your lower energy levels.

Why I Love Cycle Syncing

What I love about cycle syncing is that it encourages you to listen to your body more closely. It’s empowering to realize that eating more calories at certain times of your cycle is okay. However, it’s not the end-all, be-all. If you're new to understanding your hormones and cycle, it can feel overwhelming. I like to keep it simple.

Regarding food, my diet doesn’t change drastically based on my cycle. Yes, I might have different cravings and eat a bit more during my luteal phase, but that’s about it. The beauty of cycle syncing lies in its flexibility. It's not about obsessing over what phase you're in and restricting yourself. It's about understanding your body and giving yourself grace.

So, lovely, give yourself permission to eat more when your body asks for it. Embrace the natural rhythms of your cycle, and don't box yourself into rigid rules. Cycle syncing is here to help you live more harmoniously with your body, not to confine you.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. To dive deeper, get my free resource guide on understanding your cycle by clicking here and joining the email list. You'll discover how your exercise routines can also align with your cycle, empowering you to shift your schedule and thrive with your natural rhythms (which can also help you get pregnant and stay pregnant!).

Until next time, be kind to yourself and listen to your body—it knows best.



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