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Finding a Mineral Sunscreen that I don't hate

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Ever since I was a little girl, I hated it when my mom put sunscreen on me. I disliked the sticky feeling afterward, but eventually, I learned to deal with it since I did not like painful sunburns 😝 I was lucky that once my skin was used to the sun, I could get by not wearing sunscreen.

Eventually, I found the sunscreens I liked and refused to use anything else. But since I started my natural healing journey, I've been on the hunt for a mineral sunscreen I like.

Look great without the white look of mineral sunscreen :)
Wearing my daily sun care products!

The Hunt

Hunting for a new product that meets your requirements is not easy. I started by asking my naturopath for a recommendation, and from there, I started trying different sunscreens.

The first mineral sunscreen I tried was Badger. It is one of the best mineral sunscreens out on the market BUT leaves you looking white and sticky. AKA not for me!! It didn't like the spread nicely either. I didn't enjoy my experience with it.

Then I ATTITUDE living; they have a selection of different sunscreen lotions for adults and kids. The lotion spread a lot nicer, and if you rubbed it enough you the whiteness was less visible. When I started to use them, they didn't have the mineral face sticks yet, but I'm assuming they are good. My husband and I used their sunscreen for over a year until we found something even better!!

I found Beautycounter sunscreen! They have a spray, lotion, and stick :) I love sunscreen sprays and had my doubts when I am debating to try theirs but was thoroughly impressed! I have started to use it every day during the summer on my chest and arms. I cannot explain how happy I am to have found this product 2 years later on my journey of finding a mineral sunscreen. Best of all it doesn't leave my skin feeling like it has a gross layer of sunscreen on it 😝 To make it even better this year Beautycounter came out with their tinted sunscreen spray 😃 I don't think there is anything better than looking a little more tan plus skin protection!!

Bottom shows application and top shows after rubbing in mist sunscreen.
Application of the mist sunscreen 👌🏻

What I use daily

Right now I use two products daily during the summer. I use Beautycounter DEW SKIN (no. 2) on my face and Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Mist. I will use the lotion mineral sunscreen on my face if I am going to use a full coverage foundation.

2021 UPDATE: I no longer use the DEW Skin foundation product because it clogs pores (so don't get it)! I still love to use Beautycounter's mineral sunscreen on my body, but I will never use it on my face. I use another sunscreen product from Paula's Choice on my face (check out my fav products page for more update details on this)



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