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Grow Healthy Hair - Tips

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

As a teenager, I was lucky to have lots of hair. I have thin hair but I can have a LOT of it. Of course, as a teen, I did not realize how lucky I was to have some much beautiful hair.

In 2019 I chopped off my long hair because I was losing a lot of my hair & my ends kept breaking off. A nice clean cut it what I needed at the time BUT it did not solve the problem of me not having my hair grow the way it should be.

This is a picture of my hair in Oct. 2019

There were two major problems going on in my life that wear affecting my ability to grow healthy hair

  1. My mineral levels were really low in my body, so there were no reserves left for my body to grow strong beautiful hair.

  2. I had no idea how to properly wash my hair or care for it.

    1. I should mention that as an adult I barely use heat on my hair so it wasn't like I was over straightening or curling my hair.

What did I do to start growing my healthy hair back?

  1. I nourished my body so it got all the minerals & vitamins my body needed for a healthy body and hormonal function. Because our thyroid hormone is HUG for healthy hair!

  2. I educated myself and how to properly care for my hair. I learned how to shampoo my hair and brush my hair so my scalp is healthy to grow strong new hair. (It really makes sense once you learn this - it was like an ah-ha moment)

  3. I bought the right products & tools. I learned that the quality tool you use matter like a hairdryer.

  4. I started hair training, which is going longer between washes.

And what were the results? This 👇🏾 - about 1 year & 4 mo-6 mo later

Picture taken end Nov. 2021

You can find all these hair tips & tricks on Jasmine's Hair Washing Highlight on IG. She is the person I have learned from & is the expert (I always give credit to those that do amazing work & who I learn from because I can't be the expert in everything). I do use different products than the ones she recommends and that is what I share in this blog and video.

Continue reading to get the summarized version of

1. Hair Washing tips

2. Post Workout Care

3. How to Grow Healthy Hair

Watch the Video for my Hair Care Tips (Wash + Grow out your hair tips)

Must have brushes

Can find all brush recommendations here & go to Jasmine's IG for discounts

Here is the summarized version of what to do & how to care for your hair. For more details watch the YouTube video.

Wash Day

Step 1: Shampoo

Shampoo - the scalp

  • scrub that scalp and hairline with the pads of your fingers

Step 2: Shampoo again (if +7 days)

Wash SCALP again with shampoo

Step 3: Masque Treatment (only 1-2x month)

  • apply mid strand down then use leftovers on top

Step 4: Conditioner

  • apply mid strand down then use leftovers on top


Step 5: Press damp hair with a towel gently

Step 6: Detangle Hair

  • use leave-in conditioner & then brush hair with a wet or detangling brush that won't damage your wet hair

Step 7: Apply a hair oil for nourishment

  • Rose Hip Seed Oil could be a nice oil to us on the hair ends (the ordinary brand carries this product)

Step 8:

  • Sea Salt Spray on the roots

    • for lightweight volume and the salt slows down oil production so you can go longer between washes

  • Heat Shield Spray/Prep Spray

    • lightly spray mid strand (hair before the ear) when wet to protect hair from heat

Step 9: Blow-dry the roots of your hair

  • Blow-dry in the direction of the growing hair

  • For more volume flip hair to the opposite side to blow-dry

  • If you don't blow-dry the hair will dry flat & will look more greasy early on

Post-Workout Hair Tips

Take hair out of ponytail as soon as your done workout so sweating hair can dry & not make hair too flat.

Blow Dry

  • Move that sweat around!

  • Always blow-dry your hair down the hair shaft so you don’t blow open the hair cuticles.

Dry Shampoo

  • Dry Shampoo


  • with a wet brush (because it is more gentle)

Grow Out Your Hair Tips

1) Lay-off

  • Air dry + blow-dry the roots in the opposite direction it grows. So it doesn’t dry flat to your head & then is more susceptible to getting more oily and greasy quickly.

  • Flare up the route cuticle to help with hair training.

  • Less heat

  • Less washing

  • Use wand not flat iron (with the twisted wrap hair method on the wand your not laying all of the surface hair on heat) - curling your hair with a 25mm wand is a great option.

2) Care for your hair

  • Less colouring

  • Choice a hair colour and stick with it

  • Do a low maintenance root (baby highlights & smudge the root out so only need to get it done every 12 weeks)

  • If growing your hair out get it cut every 12 weeks (minuscule dusting) - say to the hairdresser: "I know I need more but only want the ends dusted off"

  • Treat your ends like a baby

  • Supplements/diet

3) Product

  • No roughing up with the towel (squeeze your hair with a towel gently)

  • You have to use leave-in products if you want your hair to continuously grow

  • Need a dry conditioner when using dry shampoo b/c you don’t get those nature oils anymore for the hair

4) Proper styling

5) Maintenance

  • Hair training - train your hair to go longer between washes

    • Will need to learn how to properly wash hair, use dry shampoo, & use the right brush


*links for the Detox Markert are affiliate links



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